About Us

Fizzeo Healthcare offers a diversity of superior medical management services to everyone who utilises and operates in the medical industry.

Core Statements

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Fizzeo Healthcare envisions improving community health through community education, the involvement of captains of industry, the promotion of holistic healthcare solutions, and the establishment of rock-solid private/public partnerships.

Our mission is to position Fizzeo Healthcare as the organisation of choice, providing our patients and business clients with expertise with a team approach, the knowledge to understand their status quo, and the correct management solution for their specific needs.

Keys to Success

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Fizzeo Healthcare's competitive edge lies in our multi-disciplinary approach to each client. Treating each client as an individual and focusing on the client's needs, allow us to have a client-based-approach which is focused and goal oriented. Our objective team approach to every opportunity results in our clients feeling nurtured, enhances successful outcomes, and increases overall client satisfaction.

Fizzeo Healthcare is committed to consistent high quality business practice and to ensure the maintenance of premier management, our medical practices implement the accreditation system of the Health Professions Council of South Africa, and our corporate units implement the ISO9001 quality standard. As part of our commitment to community development, Fizzeo Healthcare is also a Level 4 BBBEE contributor.

Organisational Structure

Read More Fizzeo Healthcare administrates and manages all types of Healthcare Professionals who practice in accordance with the prescriptions of the Department of Health, the Board of Healthcare Funders, the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

Our core practices are: General Practitioner, Psychology, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy (Physical and Psychiatric), Biokinetics, Dietetics, Podiatry, Speech & Hearing, Orthotics & Prosthetics, Wound Clinics and Fitness facilities.

Competitive Edge

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Fizzeo Healthcare partakes in a multitude of activities which improve awareness our services and our partners. These include sporting events, health and wellness awareness programs, corporate health management, health and wellness publishing, networking events and regular advertising and marketing campaigns directed at educating and stimulating public knowledge, and encouraging community/medical professional interaction.

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