Injury Management

Fizzeo Healthcare uniquely combines the forces of their multi-disciplinary teams to ultimately address specific needs within our communities.

Acute Injury Management

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Each patient is evaluated by the multi-disciplinary team to ascertain specific requirement following injury or surgery, where after management is based on the goal-oriented prescriptions from each professional.

Basic & Advanced Rehabilitation

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Fizzeo Healthcare's multi-disciplinary approach to patient who require more intensive rehabilitation following more severe injuries, ensure shorter recovery periods. In patients ear-marked to return to work, this effectively reduces absenteeism.

Fizzeo Healthcare assesses, regularly inspects and administers quality control to all the facilities it utilises for the referral of rehabilitation patients and also case manages each individual case to ensure high quality, relevant care, and prevents over-servicing. Our aims are to ensure that all patients are referred timeously for the correct treatment, to ensure that complications are limited to an acceptable minimum by engaging all the necessary professionals in the medical management process, to ensure continuation of care, to ensure the quickest possible recovery and also, to ensure that each patient can become economic active following injury.

Chronic Pain Management

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Timeous and effective management of chronic pain conditions such as lower back-, thoracic-, neck-, and shoulder pain, has been proven to dramatically reduce the need for surgical intervention. Patients suffering from chronic pain are traditionally referred for surgery where uninformed general practitioners and therapists have been unable to achieve the outcomes the patient expects.

The other benefit of efficient chronic pain management is the huge decrease in absenteeism figures in corporates. While the patient is being provided the care he/she may require to address the cause and symptoms of the problem, the employer and funder has direct access to the progress of the employee and has input into the path to follow with the patient, such as progress on the industrial rehabilitation process.

Ultimately, this product parallels to massive increases in productivity for corporates and governments. This program ties in closely with our injury prevention programs, as patients are not only assisted in preventing injury at work, but also managed properly to return to work quickly and healthily.


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