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Injury Prevention

Absenteeism and injury are two of the major factors which impact on a business’s bottom line. Both of these aspects can be managed and mitigated through a structured, multi-disciplinary approach to the workforce.

Each business can structure its approach to injury prevention uniquely to suit its needs. These include having medical professionals on site permanently in an Occupational Clinic, on a sessional basis in-house, or interaction as required on consultation basis.

Occupational Clinics

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At Occupational Clinics established at the Workplace, our professionals aim to reduce the risk of injury and disease within the workforce.

  • Emergency Medical Care
    • Minor injury management
    • Non-prescription medication
  • Primary Healthcare
    • Awareness Programs (HIV, Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Smoking etc.)
    • Testing (HIV, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Drug use, Alcohol)
    • Health Screening (Hypertension, Osteoporosis, Some Cancers)
    • Immunisations
    • General Practitioner onsite visit at least once weekly or as required
    • Physiotherapy
    • Occupational Therapy assessments and interventions, including ergonomics
    • Psychology
  • Medical Surveillance
    • Pre-employment physical and medical evaluations
    • Regular interval physical and medical check-ups
    • Exit physical and medical evaluations
  • Employee Wellness
    • Cessation programs and counselling for substance abuse
    • Ergonomics

Corporate Wellness

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We understand that the corporate environment differs greatly from an industrial environment with regards to the types of stressors as well as the risk for certain types of injury. The Corporate Wellness package addresses the unique demands of the corporate environment. This dramatically reduces absenteeism figures, as employees no longer leave the workplace for basic medical management.

  • Weight-loss programs
  • Counselling and Stress management
  • Physiotherapy and massage therapy
  • Ergonomics analysis, recommendations and interventions
  • Fitness programs and faciliites

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